Waste-Processing Equipment


Solid waste pumps

Probably the biggest, highest capacity and most reliable solid waste pumps on the planet: stroke 4.1 m., diameter 0.7 m., maximum product pressure 60 bar nominal, maximum 120 bar. Each pump transfers on average 4 shredded drums including metals and chemical wastes per 3 minutes, during the last 10 years (this adds up to approximately 250.000 tons over the last 10 years!).


Incineration scrubbing and flue gas treatment

Some typical improvements on underperforming wet scrubbing systems, resulting in a significant reduction of emissions.


Incineration feeding systems

An automated bin elevator system, for bin net loads up to 1000 kg. Simple, reliable and cost effective.

Hazardous waste incinerator - bin lifter  Screw conveyor feeding - oil sludge


Oil sludge treatment related technologies

Some typical applications and improvements include:

  • Storage tanks for heavy sludge (for oil sludge or waste water storage), specifically designed to prevent sediment build up and clogging.
  • Oil sludge filtering for the automated filtering of highly viscous oil and sludge streams.
  • Oil sludge heating, non-clogging design for highly contaminated waste streams (as parallel tubes in conventional heat exchangers typically clog up).
  • Sludge transport systems / shaftless screw conveyors. Shaftless screw conveyors, the only reliable way to transport a variety of wastes and sludge without the risk of clogging or obstruction. Shaftless screw conveyors can be delivered in practically any material up to 1100 mm diameter, up to operating temperatures of 1100 °C. Typical materials utilized: wear resistant Hardox varieties, stainless steels or cast or wrought high temperature super alloys.