Post combustion

The Post Combustion zone of the ROTARY KILN INCINERATOR ensures complete combustion of hazardous compounds in the flue gas, in line with international environmental regulations for the combustion of hazardous wastes.

Options and features:

  • Combustion characteristics are in compliance with EU regulations (EC Directive 2000/76/EC and subsequent revisions): minimum 850 or 1100 °C at minimum 2 seconds residence time, the higher temperature needed for wastes with a higher organic chlorine concentration.
  • Automatic start-up of the Post Combustion back up burner in case of an uncontrolled drop of the flue gas temperature below the above minimum temperature values.
  • Non-clogging construction concept, a specific feature of the Dutch Incinerators design, based on hands-on experience. A common problem in waste incineration is the gradual build-up of dust and slags in the post combustion zone; Dutch Incinerators successfully resolves these issues with specific design measures. Visit our reference sites to see how this common issue is practically resolved!

Post combustion - inside refractory lining