Plant automation

The ROTARY KILN INCINERATOR is delivered by Dutch Incinerators as turn-key process and is completely automated using the latest technologies.

Options and features:

  • The complete process is automated using a PLC, using top quality European automation components.
  • Monitoring of the process is typically done using 2 interfaces (HMI, human-machine-interface), one unit near the processing system for direct operator control, one available in a central control room for supervisor monitoring.
  • Remote access via internet from anywhere on the planet can be integrated, upon client request.
  • The plant automation system typically includes continuous data acquisition and storage, reporting, trending, IO visualization and overview of electrical systems and can be adapted to specific client requests.
  • Plant automation visualization screens can be tailor-made, depending upon client requirements.
  • Additional visualization screens can be added, implemented, for instance for public information or sales of actual emissions or operating conditions.