Flue gas emission monitoring

Flue gas emission monitoring for the flue gasses leaving the flue gas emission reduction system of the ROTARY KILN INCINERATOR is required to ensure that final emissions comply with the applicable regulations. Emissions are typically monitored on a continuous basis (CEMS, continuous emission control system); results are represented in the central control room, stored in a data bases for reporting to authorities or can directly be transferred to the authorities or external parties via a direct datalink. All CEMS systems as provided by Dutch Incinerators are produced by top quality suppliers, constructed and tested to international standards and approvals.

Options and features:

  • Typical CEMS analysis parameters: SO2, HCl, NOx, HF, CO, O2, H2O, CO2, TOC, PM (dust), opacity and more compounds, all upon request and client requirements.
  • Extractive CEMS systems, typically used after a wet scrubbing system.
  • In-situ CEMS systems, typically used after a dry scrubbing system (lower in investment than an extractive system).
  • Particulate Matter CEMS, specifically applicable for wet scrubbing systems, where optical dust measurements give a misreading.
  • Optical PM CEMS and opacity measurements as commonly used on dry scrubbing systems.