Feed system


The ROTARY KILN INCINERATOR as provided by Dutch Incinerators is capable of accepting and treating a wide range of wastes.

Options and features:

  • The feed system is typically completely enclosed; uncontrolled emissions of hazardous, infectious substances or smoke from the waste feeding system are eliminated.
  • Solids are usually supplied via a sluice mechanism and a hydraulically operated ram feeder.
  • A bin tipper or waste grabber can be used to supply the waste to the sluice, depending upon on the waste is supplied to the treatment facility.
  • Alternatively, solids and sludge can be pumped by solid waste pumps and directly transferred to the combustion process independently from other waste supply options.
  • Bulk solids can be supplied with (shaft-less) screw conveyors as well, if the waste is available in bulk form.
  • Containers, drums can be supplied as a whole directly to the feeding system, if emptying or shredding is not practically appropriate.
  • Alternatively, solids or solid containing drums, IBC’s etc. can be shredded prior to feeding. This not only for size reduction for the furnace and feed system but also to reduce peak loads in the supply of combustibles to the combustion process, thus stabilizing the combustion process.
  • Mechanical components are typically installed in such a way that maintenance is easy and risk-free. Direct contact between waste and vulnerable components such as hydraulics or instrumentation is minimized.
  • Special attention is always given to safety: reduction of emissions and the prevention of fire and explosions in the feed system, a common problem in the waste incineration technology is top priority in the design and construction.